Spread the word

The church in the west is largely unfamiliar with the powerful work that God is doing in China today. The historic revival and the unique Back To Jerusalem missions movement are rarely spoken of in the churches throughout the world. We are often consumed with our own projects, limited to our view of the horizon, and perhaps missing the bigger picture.

Psalm 77:12 states, “I will consider all your works and meditate on all your mighty deeds.” And certainly God’s work and deeds in the nation of China are mighty! This needs to be recognized in a much greater way in the western church. We often hear stories of the diminishing church in the west, and if there ever is a revival, it becomes big news because of its rarity. So as an encouragement and as a faith-builder, the church in the west needs to know about God’s great work in China.

Can you help spread the word about God’s mighty deeds in the east?! We need many who will commit to educate themselves about this revival and the prophetic BTJ missions movement, and then help spread the news to the church worldwide.

An interesting illustration is used in Isaiah 52: “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news” (Isaiah 52:7). Before phones, TVs, computers and iPads, information was brought by messengers on foot. The sound of the footsteps of a messenger who would come with positive news was, quite literally, beautiful. Today we use smartphones, social media, email, Skype, and text messages to transport news that climbs mountains and crosses valleys in no time. Yet still, there is nothing comparable to sharing good news in person. And we can do both, using information technology as well as communicate in person.

So let’s spread the word about the mighty revival in China and the remarkable missions movement called Back To Jerusalem. Please share it with your family, your church friends, your prayer or Bible study group – anywhere there might be an interest in knowing about God’s move on earth today. Let people know about the website, let them know about the BTJ television program, if needed get a copy of the BTJ “Vision video” DVD, and help us share the good news about God’s work in China.