“Brother Abraham” BTJ missionary (identity hidden for security)

IBro Abraham’m very happy to be here and I just got a new name, I’m called Abraham today.  Twelve years ago, after I became a Christian, it was very clear that God had a calling for me.  Actually, I’m not totally sure on the exact time when I first believed in Jesus. At that time I was a barber and my parents didn’t know anything about my decision to follow the call.

Some people said that my parents are already serving the Lord full-time and if you do the same, who will take care of the family?  But I had the confirmation of the Holy Spirit in my heart.  Gradually I found how God was opening doors for me.  After waiting almost half a year I got a phone call.  “Okay, it’s time.  You can go out now.”  Within less than one hour I packed all my things and left.  In all the years up to now I’ve found that it isn’t me, but the power of God that leads me.

I’m sure one day I’ll go to this very large country.  Some years ago I tried to go but failed.  I found it wasn’t God’s time and that I needed more Bible knowledge.  And though I feel inadequate in learning a new language, I believe what God calls, He will accomplish.  Once I was going to a certain country, but I felt an uneasiness in my heart.  A leader told me I was going to study theology there, but I thought why should I go there to study?

The first time I tried to go I was arrested.  I thought if it’s not right to go and study theology there, I would rather be in prison for a few years.  The second time I also got arrested.  It was suggested that we try another route, but we still got arrested.  The third time they were trying to torture us, and one of our brothers fainted from pain, but amazingly I felt perfectly fine.  Another time they were punching us in the face many, many times.  But I didn’t feel any pain.  So I believe wherever I go God’s presence is always with me.

I have been asked what I need.  I can go anywhere as long as at least one hundred people support me in prayer.  So even though I was arrested and beaten, I still want to obey the call of God.  Since the day that I received Jesus my life has totally changed.  Before, I had a dream to become a Chinese Kung Fu fighter, but I was not successful.  Because of my failure at Kung Fu, my father suggested I become a barber.  I was a very good barber and could have made lots of money.  But I got captured by Jesus full-time.

Before I went abroad I was touched by a book by Hudson Taylor.  He said even if I had ten thousand lives, I would not live one of them for myself.  Two years ago I also got married and my wife and I read a book together.  We learned that it is vital to live by faith.  If we become too dependent on what we have, there will be problems.  So we gave all our money to God.  I’m sure God will lead us to places with poor people.  Then it will be very important that we have learned to live by faith.